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06/24/12 10:10 PM #1    


Gail Huskey (Kelly) (1968)

Welcome to the Parker High School Classes Of 1966 - 1969 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/22/12 02:52 PM #2    


Mike Medlin (1967)

the memories of parker will never die in our hearts ,our buddies will always be with us..for the buddies who have passed we still love them and miss them alot but, we will never forget them as long as there is one parker alive god bless them all. t.michael medlin.

08/23/12 09:23 AM #3    


Gail Huskey (Kelly) (1968)

Mike, you are so right, we just can't get PHS out of our systems! The memories are precious.

08/26/12 11:10 AM #4    

Terri Slaten (Moss) (1967)

I just wanted to say thank you to the committee responsible for this great celebration.  Got to see SO many old friends and had a blast!!!    Terri

08/26/12 01:30 PM #5    


Joyce Singleton (1968)

I had a wonderful time at the Reunion. It was fun visiting with friends, that I haven't seen in years, and getting to know others, that I didn't know so well at Parker. Thanks to the ones who organized this. We made more memories this weekend!

08/26/12 08:23 PM #6    

Carolyn Littlejohn (Burrell) (1968)

It was a great 2 days..going to the school,the Carolina drive in..old friends and memories that will never be forgotten.

08/27/12 10:51 AM #7    


Gail Huskey (Kelly) (1968)

Thanks to all of you who made this past weekend a weekend to remember! It was such great fun seeing old friends of all years. You all made it a wonderful time!

08/27/12 04:08 PM #8    


Mike Medlin (1967)

what do you mean we are not old better and moreiloving of our pass.because the kids of today do not unstand the great,great, life we had  to passit on to our kids ,greadkids,greadkid thank you all for being my freinds for ever in my heart &my life i,m still atphs on for my 3  phs to all my buddies i will alway love ever min. of my life at phs &caoline &bud beer ha  see every body soon god bless you all  t michael medlin sr.

09/01/12 11:15 PM #9    


Tony Pannell (1967)

I would like to commend everyone on the committee.  This was the best reunion that I have attended.  I know that you all worked hard, because I have done it before.  Everything was well organized.

I do have a few questions for someone on the committee.  

1.) how many did we have to register?

2.) do you how many people attended from each class?

3.) do you know the name of the man who took the class pictures?  He could not get his tv to work to be able to show us the pictures.  I want to order one, but I would like to have seen them first.

4.) the only thing that I was disappointed in was that I did not see a list of our classmates that have died.  It should have been in the program, in my opinion.

5.) also, how did we do with raffles?

Once again, thanks for a wonderful 


Tony Pannell

11/25/12 09:45 AM #10    


Carolyn Padgett (Guy) (1967)

I am just now seeing your post, Tony, sorry to be so late replying.  Sorry we didn't have a list of deceased classmates in the program, however, there is a list here on this wonderful website that Gail Huskey Kelly set up for us.  If you look on the left side of the page, and click on "in memory" the list is there.  Hard to believe we have lost so many old friends.

11/25/12 09:48 AM #11    


Carolyn Padgett (Guy) (1967)

Tony and everyone.....the name and phone number of the man who did the photography is:

Jimmy Martin, 864-850-1319 (home) or 864-982-2325 (cell)


Again, sorry I'm just now seeing your post, Tony.

11/25/12 10:02 AM #12    


Carolyn Padgett (Guy) (1967)

To everyone.....a while back, I had mentioned to Benny Graydon,  Diane Jones Queen, and several others that I would try and put together a gathering of classmates at the Carolina sometime in December.  Unfortunately, December is upon us and frankly, I have just been too busy to make a definite plan.  Plus, I know December is a busy month for most ALL of us.  So... I'm thinking a get-together at the Carolina would be easier to do in the spring, perhaps sometime in April.  If that is something others would like to do, we can discuss and make definite plans after the first of the year.  It would be a casual event, like the one we had in August.  The only "planning" needed would be getting a ball park figure of the number of people coming so we could notify the Carolina in advance. 

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to you all!  I'm looking forward to seeing you all again in 2013!

08/28/13 12:32 PM #13    


Thomas Riddle (1966)

Hi Carolyn, I hope all is well. Hope to see you at the next gathering.   THOMAS Riddle

08/25/14 03:11 PM #14    

Pamela Batson (Redgate) (1969)

Freddie Gary Herring

Parker Class of 1967

Passed away in Elmira, NY on August 8, 2013 from cancer.

03/28/15 03:15 AM #15    

John Williams (1981)

Where is all the people from the class of 1981?

01/13/21 12:37 PM #16    


Lynn Lowery (1969)

So many classmates no longer with us!


01/14/21 07:18 PM #17    

Michael McKee (1978)

I gradutae in the class of 1978 Michael McKee

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